9 Tweaks & Tips to Optimize Mac for Gaming

Apple computers are superb for professional work but are not considered that great for gaming. However, in the past couple of years, Apple has optimized its MacBook lineup to give a seamless gaming experience to the users. As long as you have a higher specification Apple computer, you can play high-end titles like Tomb Raider smoothly.

Monitor and Joy sticks

If you are a Mac user and looking for possible ways to enjoy gaming on Mac, this article is worth reading. Get a quick look at the methods to optimize your Mac for gaming.

Check System RAM

8GB RAM is all you need to enjoy playing light as well as high-end shooting games on Mac. The best thing is that even the base MacBook models come with at least 8 GB RAM, which is sufficient to run many popular games.

For smooth game-play from the beginning to the end, make sure that your computer is not running a heavy application in the background. Activate Task Manager to keep a check on the memory-hogging apps and disable them before you start your game.

Empty Hard Drive

Deleting unnecessary items from the hard drive will not only speed up your game but anything that you do on your computer. So make sure that there’s enough space available for games before you start downloading one on your computer.

You should clean system storage regularly to remove apps, files, and other items that are of no use. You can use manual tricks or third-party apps to remove redundant items from the disk; however, the latter is recommended for better results because you can take care of hidden redundant data.

Select Games Wisely

You can play several games on almost any device without any performance lags, while some are optimized for a particular operating system. When you buy a game for your computer, do not forget to check the system requirements carefully.

It enables you to cross-check if the game is meant to play on macOS or it is compatible to run over your specific device. Detailed information about the hardware and software requirements is mentioned under the System Requirement section of the game.

Switch to SSD


Solid-state drives are powerful storage devices that run relatively faster than traditional hard drives. If you have an older MacBook, you still have the option to upgrade storage for a faster gaming experience.

You can connect an external SSD with a 1000 Mbps read and write speed to download and play high-end games. Since the latest Apple computers are non-up-gradable, make sure to buy enough storage at the time of purchase.

Buy an eGPU

For serious gaming, you can consider an external GPU, regardless of whether you are using a Mac Mini or a MacBook. Razer Core X with a discrete graphics card can be your best pick for an optimal gaming experience.

Core X uses a single Thunder Bolt 3 USB, so the ports on the GPU you use on your computer will allow it to connect to the external monitor. You may connect it either via a Display Port or an HDMI. It will instantly boost your gaming.

Use Cooling Pad

Playing games on Mac-book for longer hours can result in overheating, which can cause further problems. So, installing a cooling pad under the laptop will cool down the device and prevent constant heat-ups.

A cooling pad is something that you should regularly use each time you turn on your laptop as it keeps the device normal even after prolonged use. It prevents the air vents from clogging up with dust and maintains a consistent airflow.

Shut Down & Restart

Shut down your computer when you are not using it or restart the device every second day to ensure optimal performance. Similar to human brains. The hardware components integrated into the computer also need rest every few hours.

Restarting the desktop and laptops at regular intervals keeps them up and running. It is mandatory to ensure that the hardware is in good shape and is functioning appropriately. So, next time when you finish your work, don’t forget to shut down your computer before you go to sleep.

Stop Background Apps

When you turn on your computer just to play your favorite online game, how does it feel to see your computer running slower than usual? It happens due to the dozens of background apps that start running automatically each time you boot the system.

Disable all these background apps or the login items to prevent them from running automatically. They consume their share of system resources such as memory or processing power, making the device feel sluggish.

Configure Game Settings

Optimizing the Mac for gaming is one thing and optimizing it for a specific game’s settings is another thing. It will allow you to play the game uninterruptedly on your computer without any performance issues or compromising graphics.

You can set the computer graphics to low, medium, or high based on your game’s requirements. You can tweak the screen resolution settings as per your gaming needs for the best graphics experience.

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