How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use – The Things You Need to Know

Working on a laptop when you are traveling is a serious matter because if it turns off, you should know How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use or your entire work is left undone. Hence, you will need check the battery life of your laptop before you set in. Checking the battery life will let you know how much work or load you can put on your laptop.

How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use

If you are curious enough and wondering how much power your laptop consumes, make sure that the energy consumption depends on several factors. Let’s have a look at those factors.

Here Are Some Factors How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use

Laptop Type

The first thing where power consumption depends on is the type of laptop you use. However, it is evident that gaming laptops consume more power as compared to ordinary and working laptops. If you are using a standard laptop, make sure you are consuming 60 Watts of energy.

But if you are using some of the high-end laptops, then chances are that it will consume more than 100 Watts per hour. However, this is one of the reasons why some laptops get hot immediately.


If you have been using laptops, you will know that if a laptop comes with low-quality processor or CPU, it will demand more power. Similarly, the reason is as simple as you think. A low-quality processor will need more energy in order to make the performance of a laptop better. While on the other hand, a tremendous and high-end laptop’s processor will require less power or watts to make your device run smoothly.

Graphics Card

If the performance of your graphics card is higher, more energy consumption will be required. In addition to this, your computer or laptop will put more effort into providing you with better visuals for playing a high-end game. Some of the laptops and computers get heated because they come with high-end GPU.

If there is a high-quality GPU, there will probably be a high-end CPU as well. Besides, it will further contain a long-life battery and high-quality display. When all these things work accordingly, it will demand a vast amount of energy.

Adapter Wattage

  • There are some of the laptops with a 15.5-inch display that comes with a 60-watt charging adapter.
  • There are some of the laptops with a 17-inch display that comes with the

90-watt charging adapter.

Now it is for sure that if your laptop comes with a 60-watt adapter, it will require less energy than a laptop containing a 90-watt adapter.

How Many Watts Does A Gaming Laptop Use

Discussing this category is more critical because everything related to gaming requires a massive amount of energy consumption. Nevertheless, if you are a gamer, you will know that you will probably need a top-quality laptop if you are running high-end games.

Every device which is related to gaming must be heavy and bulky because it consists of powerful elements. Additionally, from a quality display to a long-lasting battery and powerful processor, everything is sturdy when it comes to gaming.

One important factor to check a gaming laptop and its power consumption is to check its charger. One of the famous gaming laptops Acer Predator comes with a charging adapter or 180-watt, which implies that it consumes 180-watt every hour.

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Points To Consume Less Energy

We have been previously discussing the power consumption of a laptop and the reasons behind it. Likewise, if you have found the results and are not satisfied with it, you must think of how you can save your laptop from consuming more power.

Tips to Consume Less Power

  • First of all, you need to remove the charger when your laptop is ultimately charged.
  • Overcharging your laptop will, in turn, reduce your battery life and consume a considerable amount of energy at the back.
  • When you find that the battery has reduced to 10%, make sure to plug the charger at this time. Hence, do not wait for the completely turning off the laptop.
  • You must have a cooling pad because it will help you cold your laptop while it is on a charge.
  • If you want to save yourself from more energy consumption, we suggest you let your laptop get cold down before proceeding with your work.
  • You must update your processor and other elements to avoid any pressure on your laptop.
  • One of the most essential points that you need to take care of is to use an original charger that comes with a laptop from a company.

Not only these, but there are some other factors too by which you can reduce the energy consumption of your laptop. Moreover, high brightness is one of them, and you can save your laptop by dimming the brightness of the laptop.

Final Words For How Many Watts Does A Laptop Use

To conclude everything, we need to look at the summary of what we have been discussing above. In addition to this, a laptop, when it is charged, consumes 60-watt energy, but when you begin using it, it consumes more due to some of the other elements attached to a laptop.

It is necessary to use a sort of device to know how much your laptop consumes rather than manually. Similarly, If you are going with a manual, you can make a mistake, and then you may come up with a wrong calculation of energy consumption.

The process which the manual calculation contains can provide you with the wrong information. Therefore, we suggest you go for a device. For this purpose, you can utilize an electricity usage monitor that will offer you better results. Moreover, that was all about how many watts does a laptop use! After reviewing this guide, if you still face any issues, do not forget to post your query in the comment section.

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