How To Measure Laptop Size Accurately – A Comprehensive Guide

Here we have a comprehensive guide on how to measure laptop size correctly. For that reason, if you plan to purchase a laptop, it is important to know which size is perfect as per your needs. In our guide, you will effortlessly learn how to measure the screen size and size.

Indeed, there are several laptop sizes available in the market that has a standard size mentioned in inches. However, if you are familiar with measuring the size of a laptop, it will help you to pick the right side of the bag for it.

How To Measure Laptop Size

Other than that, it is necessary to have the right size of the bag to keep the laptop securely. Therefore, follow the steps that we have stated below to measure the accurate size of the laptop and screen size for several situations.

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How to Measure Laptop Size and Its Screen

Before we delve into the steps to measure the laptop size and screen, there are some important things that everyone should know. These standard ideas are crucial to acknowledge before we move onto the measurement steps.

A Few Things to Know Before Measuring the Laptop Screen

First, you need to know that the screen size alone doesn’t have to do much with the laptop size. The laptop size is not the same as the screen size. Indeed, you need to measure the screen size and laptop size separately.

When you measure the screen of the laptop, it is not including the screen bezel size. So you shouldn’t consider your laptop size as the screen size.

Our second suggestion is that if you buy a bag for your laptop, consider choosing it slightly larger than the laptop. Add a few more inches when buying a laptop bag.

Furthermore, you need to measure the laptop size before buying the right bag for it. For measuring the bag accurately, you need a ruler or measurement tape.

Generally, you have to measure the laptop size in inches. However, if you want to measure it in any other extent, it is better to convert inches later.

That was all you need to know before measuring a laptop. Moving on, how to measure laptop size accurately.

Step 1. Measure the Laptop Diagonally

Measure the Laptop Diagonally

The initial step to measure the laptop size is to measure it diagonally. You need to measure the laptop and its screen size separately. Nevertheless, the measurements should be accurate to avoid any inconvenience later.

Everybody should know how to measure a laptop to make a sensible investment in the future while buying it form any brand.

The best way to measure a laptop is to have a measuring tape. It would be best if you placed the measuring tape on the laptop in a diagonal position. Additionally, you can measure any laptop diagonally.

Without any doubt, the steps that we are telling to measure laptop size are accurate for the following brands.

It is important to close the laptop that you have to measure the size properly. Place the measuring tape on the right bottom corner and expand it towards the left upper corner. Now you can see other methods below to measure height, width, and depth of laptop.

Step 2: Measure the Height of Laptop

Height of Laptop

Next, we need to measure the height of the laptop. It is not similar to measuring laptop diagonally. You have measured the laptop with measuring tape by placing it in the top-mid direction.

Furthermore, you need to bring down the measuring tape till the bottom of the laptop. In this way, you can measure the height of the laptop with any measuring tape or ruler.

However, while purchasing a bag for the laptop, consider adding a bit more inches to the height for a snug-fitting.

Step 3: Measure the Width of Laptop

Laptop Width Size

Thirdly, you need to measure the width of the laptop. To have the best measurements of a laptop, it is essential to know its width. Therefore, place the measuring tape on the laptop horizontally to know the width. You will know the width after measuring it from right to left.

While buying a bag for the laptop, do not consider adding more width because the bag will be too big to carry.

Step 4: Measure the Depth of Laptop

Depth of Laptop

Lastly, it is essential to measure the depth of the laptop. You can look at the side of the laptop and measure it with measuring tape in a vertical direction. Measuring the size of the laptop in a vertical direction, you will know the depth of the laptop.

These steps apply to all types of laptops, whether they are bulky or not.

How to Measure Laptop Screen?

How to Measure Laptop Screen

Now you can measure the screen size of the laptop in a similar way that we described above to measure the size of the laptop diagonally. Never horizontally measure the laptop because it will give the wrong measurements.

Besides that, you need to buy a measuring tape that will give accurate measurements. Besides, you can take the right measurements with a ruler too.

Know the Laptop Screen Size without Any Measurement

A simple hack for measuring the screen size of the laptop is bought, checking the box of laptops. Other than that, you can google for the model of laptop to know its size or even screen size. In addition, you can ask the screen size of the laptop from the customer care services provided by the company.

All in all, the standard sizes of the laptops are 11’’, 13’’, 15’’, and 17’’. Nevertheless, you will find several laptops within 11, 15.6, 17.3 inches in the market.

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We hope that our comprehensive guide helps you how to measure the laptop size and its screen if you have any queries about laptop measurement, comment in the below section. Thank you for visiting us!

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