Lenovo vs Dell: Which Laptop Brand is Better to Buy in 2022?

Here in our debate of Lenovo vs dell, you will know about its components, innovation, construction, battery life, warranty, and much more. Generally, dell laptops are expensive than Lenovo.

Lenovo vs Dell

Moreover, dell laptops are much more powerful and long-lasting than Lenovo. On the other hand, the Lenovo laptops are unique from dell.

And the best part? The Lenovo and dell laptops both have impressive quality. Commonly, many people get confused while picking a laptop from Lenovo or dell brand.

However, there are some terms due to which these two laptops can heap up against each other.

Lenovo vs Dell – Differences between Them

Our guide will discuss Lenovo and dell laptop and recommend some best laptops from these widespread brands. Indeed, you’ll be able to make the best decision between Lenovo vs dell after reading our guide till the end.

Without any further ado, let’s start with the Lenovo first.


The most popular series of Lenovo laptop is yoga and thinkpads. Moreover, the Lenovo laptops have several series, but in 2013 IdeaPad got very common and competed with the dell Inspiron series.

Other than that, the Chromebooks of Lenovo have impressive specs as well. You will have several options to choose a laptop for work, gaming, and regular use from the Lenovo brand.

Let’s figure out what makes the Lenovo series such popular among the users!

Components of Lenovo Laptops


Firstly, we will discuss the processors of Lenovo laptops. Most of the Lenovo laptops have Intel core processors. The high-end laptops of Lenovo come with the impressive 7th and 8th generation IC processors. The Lenovo laptops are quite versatile.  Moreover, you can buy a yoga 920 laptop for gaming and multitasking.

On the other hand, the Lenovo laptop carbon X1 ThinkPad is designed for gaming as well as programming. Besides that, you will have an impressive speed. However, you will have I5 and I3 processors with the mid-range laptops of Lenovo. In addition, the IdeaPad of Lenovo come with dual-core processors. Indeed, the

Moreover, the Lenovo laptops come with AMD and Intel core processor. In addition, the IdeaPad of Lenovo comes with quad-core processors. However, Lenovo’s mid-range laptops will have 2.7 gigahertz speed that is great for surfing and watching videos. If we compare the Lenovo i5 and dell i5 laptop, both will have similar performance.

Graphics Card

You don’t need to buy a Lenovo laptop with a dedicated graphics card if you need a portable laptop for regular tasks. Go with the Lenovo Felix 11 and c330 for lighter tasking. On the other side, you should buy yoga C630 for better and faster processing. Moreover, this Lenovo laptop is great for multitasking, and you will have an impressive speed for running AAA games.

You can also buy a Lenovo laptop with an NVIDA GTX graphics card to have the best resolution and fast speed. The Lenovo laptops with dedicated graphics cards are worth buying for professional designers as well as gamers.

The Lenovo laptops with a low price have an HD graphics card that is fine for office and school users’ normal tasking.

Construction of the Lenovo Laptops

Suppose we compare Lenovo vs dell in terms of construction, then Lenovo lags. No doubt, the Lenovo laptops are designed to comfort the users and easily carry the laptop anywhere. Besides that, the dell laptops are heavier.

However, we cannot say that Lenovo laptops aren’t durable because they are better than other laptop brands. In fact, you will be carrying the laptop conveniently, and they are built to absorb the impacts as well.

Furthermore, you will have the Lenovo laptop that can even make a tent shape. You can buy the yoga 920 laptop for having a tablet as well as a laptop. On the other side, the legion laptops of Lenovo has a backlit keyboard to make the gaming experience even more impressive.

And the best part? You will have bold angles of Lenovo legion 920. However, low priced laptops are not much attractive. It would help if you bought a laptop that should have polycarbonate material construction because they are extremely durable.

Besides that, the Thinkpads of Lenovo has a carbon fiber body, and they have shock-resistant chassis material. In fact, you will find the Lenovo laptops dust resistant, and you will have several colors in the ThinkPad series.

For instance, the Lenovo thinkpads have a soft touch finishing, and you will have black color in most of Lenovo’s laptops.


You will not be disappointed with the innovation of the Lenovo laptops. Moreover, the Lenovo laptop has all the series with a user-friendly design. Besides, you will have a TrackPoint with the Thinkpad series of the Lenovo laptop.

On the other hand, you will have an extra mouse that is placed in the center of the keyboard. And that’s not all; the Lenovo brand has introduced the WRITEit function as well. This feature will recognize the handwriting, and you can conveniently write with the stylus pen.

More than that, you will have the HDR display with the Lenovo laptop. Still, the Lenovo brand is working on the Qualcomm 835 CPU for the fastest gaming. Further, Lenovo has a G-sync display option. In fact, you will have a zero percent lagging issue with the Lenovo laptops that have a dedicated graphics card.

Display and Battery Lifespan of the Lenovo Laptops

In terms of battery life, the Lenovo laptops have 6-cell batteries, and you will have a max 10 hours battery. And the good news? The Lenovo laptop is beating the dell because they have long battery timing.

The display of leveno laptops has the HDR resolution, and they have different screen size options as well. Besides that, the Lenovo laptops are available in 11.6″, 13″, 15″, 15.6″ and even 17.3″ display.

Warranty and Customer Care Services

The warranty period and customer care services are great but not as quick as dell. Though, you can contact Lenovo customer service in several ways. For instance, you can live chat with the Lenovo Company on their social media pages.

However, you will not have the best support from Lenovo for any hardware issues. On the other hand, you can efficiently repair the Lenovo laptop’s software issue through customer care services.

There is a brighter side to Lenovo laptops; they come with a one-year warranty period. Also, the company will pay the shipping charges in the warranty period for repairing. The dell company will provide the best customer care services as well.

Suggestions For Buying The Lenovo Laptop

You can buy the Lenovo Legion 15.6″ FHD Backlit Gaming Laptop for playing games and multitasking. The Lenovo laptops have the 10th generation core i7 processor, and it has RAM of 32 GB DDR4. Best of all, Lenovo’s laptop comes with a 1TB  solid-state drive.

Furthermore, it has the GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics card, and the display size of Lenovo Legion is 15.6 inches. This laptop has a FHD display and a wide-angle display as well. Click here to check the price of the Lenovo legion.

Our second suggestion is Lenovo 14″ ThinkPad X1 Carbon that has an 8th generation core i7 processor. X1 has a RAM of 16 GB and storage of 512 GB. Besides, you will have an Intel UHD graphics card 620. This laptop of Lenovo has a bit smaller screen than the Lenovo legion. Check the price of Lenovo 14″ Thinkpad X1 Carbon here.


No doubt, the dell company has impressive Alienware series for gaming. Other than that, dell has gained popularity all over the world. And the good news? The Alienware series have a widescreen display of 17 inches. Apart from that, the Chromebook dell has the great performance as well.

Below we’ll talk about dell in detail.

Components of Dell Laptops


It’s not surprising at all, and the dell laptops come with an AMD processor. Moreover, the dell laptop’s Alienware series has a core i7 processor to provide a lag-free experience to the users.

On the other side, you can use the dell laptops for office and school work that have core i5 processors. Indeed, you will have impressive multitasking and gaming experience with them as well.


Mostly, the Dell laptops have dual-core processors, and they have the MediaTek software as well. You will have a faster speed to run the android apps with MediaTek. The laptops with the Intel core processor will lag while running the android apps.

Graphics card

The graphics card of the Dell laptops has an NVIDIA graphics card. Moreover, some of the laptops have the AMD Radeon graphics card. You need to pick the dell laptops with AMD graphics for running the AAA gamers smoothly. However, the laptops with AMD graphics are cheaper.

Display and Battery Lifespan of the Dell Laptops

The Dell laptops come with shorter battery life than Lenovo. It has a max battery life of 8 hours. Other than that, the display size of the dell laptops is similar to Lenovo. Both companies have 11 to 17.3 inches laptop.  Most of the dell laptops have a display screen of 15.6 inches.

Suggestions For Buying The Dell Laptop

We recommend buying the Dell Alienware m15 R4 Gaming Laptop for gaming and video editing. It has the 10th gen processor and 32 GB RAM with 1 TB solid state drive. Moreover, Alienware 15.6 inches has graphics of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 8GB GDDR6. Click here to check the price of Dell Alienware m15 R4 laptop.

Other than that, you can go with the DELL XPS 15 laptop that has an 8th gen core i7 processor. On the other side, the dell XPS 15 has a speed of 16 GB, and it has a solid-state drive of 512 GB. Moreover, you will get the GeForce 1050 Ti with 4GB VRAM. Click here to buy it.

FAQs’ about Lenovo vs Dell

Are you still confused between Lenovo vs dell? Have a look at the FAQ’s below to know more about these top-notch laptop brands.

Should I Buy Dell Or Lenovo Laptop?

If you need a high end and a more durable laptop, dell is the best company. Besides that, the dell laptops are expensive than Lenovo. Therefore, the low budget buyers should go with the Lenovo Company.

On the other hand, the Chromebook of dell is cheaper than other dell series. Additionally, the dell company will provide the best customer care services.

How Durable Are The Lenovo Laptops?

The performance of a laptop and lifespan depends on how you are using it. If we compare dell Inspiron vs Lenovo IdeaPad, Lenovo stands out. The battery life of Lenovo laptops is better, and you can use them for five years. Best of all, the Lenovo laptops come with a one year warranty period as well.

Are The Dell Laptops Worth Buying?

Dell laptops are not much reliable as Lenovo laptops. The Dell laptops need repair after 2 years. However, the Lenovo laptops will easily last for more than 4 years without any hardware repairing issues.

On the other hand, the precision dell laptop series is quite durable and has shock-resistant chassis material. Moreover, the laptop will last longer if you use it with care and keep it maintained.

Lenovo vs Dell: Major Differences and Final Verdict

The argument on Lenovo vs dell doesn’t end here. No doubt, the dell and Lenovo laptops are great for editing and making videos. Besides that, the customer care services of dell are better and quicker than Lenovo.

On the other side, Lenovo Company doesn’t help the customers provide the hardware repair services. If you have a low budget, buy Lenovo laptops because they have an innovative design, such as a convertible design.

All in all, it depends on your choice and budget while choosing any laptop.

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