What Is The Best Mouse Polling Rate?

Mouse Polling rate is the measurement of your mouse that how many times your mouse reports its position on your computer. This rate is measured in the unit of Hertz (Hz), which is its international unit.

What Is The Best Mouse Polling Rate?

We can say that if your mouse polling rate is 100 Hertz it means that it’s reporting its position is on your computer is 100 times in 1 second. In simple words we can say that polling rate is the speed at the mouse communicates input to your computer. We have reviewed Best Gaming Mouse for Big Hands as well and these mice provide best range of polling rate, DPI and option to change them.

Polling RateTotal Delay
125 Hz8 ms
250 Hz4 ms
500 Hz2 ms
1000 Hz1 ms
4000 Hz0.25 ms
8000 Hz0.125

What Is The Best Mouse Polling Rate?

If you are a gamer looking for a mouse that has a very good and polling rate, then you should buy a mouse that has a 1000 Hertz polling rate and above. It brings smoothness into your game-play so that you can easily play your games. The high polling rate does not help you in just games but also helps you when it comes to a higher end-hardware, like ultra-wide your displays will refresh in 120 Hz and above.

The one thing you should keep in mind before selecting any mouse is that make sure that your mouse polling rate is always faster than your computer refresh rate.

I have an article about Best Gaming Mouse for Small Hands. These mice also provide different polling rate to choose from.

Polling Rate of USB Connection

If we connect a USB to a computer then its base polling rate is 125 Hz or once every 8 milliseconds. Many of the gaming mice have 1000 Hz or above, so we can say that its speed is 1000 times per second.

High polling rates also mean that your input rates will be more accurate and precise in terms of time, so a fast mouse is crucial to keep up with the action.

The polling rate is mainly defined for the gaming systems, because in games a high-quality polling rate is required to perform a better game-play experience, in this article we will discuss all the necessary things about the polling rate of different kinds of the mouse.

Wired and Bluetooth Polling Connection Types

Your mouse polling rate also depends on the connection of your mouse, that either you use a weird mouse or a Bluetooth mouse.

Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth mice are very used nowadays because of convenient to use and easy to handle, but they don’t have any ideal polling rate.

Wired Connection

The cable connection mouse is the most reliable and cost-effective connection that has good performance and an effective polling rate. But you should have to keep in mind that the wired mouse that you are using has a good quality of weird and so that its polling rate will be better.

125 Vs 500 Vs 100 Polling Rate

There are a number of polling rates and you can easily pick which one is good. On average it must not be so high that everyone is unable to estimate right value and not should be so low that there is no value. Here is a comparison of three values mostly used:

  • 125Hz poling rate is 5 micro stutters per second
  • 500Hz polling rate is 20 micro stutters per seconds
  • 1000Hz polling rate is more than 20 micro stutters per seconds

In 125Hz there is very poor cursor movement which badly impacts your gameplay. And it will never support your mouse. Sometimes it happens that the low is polling rate, fast is the cursor movement. But it can be estimated by further tries. 500Hz poling rate is best and recommended by professionals.

500 Vs 1000 Polling Rate

500Hz is most common and well reputed polling rate and is better than others (of high and low value including 1000Hz polling rate). But it’s not the end result. For fortnite, PUBG and other high GB games we do recommend 1000Hz polling rate because these games requires quick cursor movement. For other light games you can use 500Hz polling rate.

How to Check Polling Rate

You can check your mouse polling rate on the internet because there are many tools are available on the internet which you can use, like DirectX Mouse Rate Checker or BenQ Zowie’s online polling rate tool.


We have tested while using different brand of gaming mouse on different games like PUBG, Fortnite and GTA Online, our conclusion is that 1000 Hz is best polling rate for gaming. Mouse poling rate is an important term and you must know about the term to get maximum outcomes nowadays of latest technology.

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